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It's fundraiser time!
Even though it's summer, you can still find ways to put some money in your cadet account. Who knows what you will be able to participate in over your cadet career?

Our fundraising chair, Karen Smith, has made arrangements for an opportunity to volunteer at Affair of the Heart, July 11-12-13.  Volunteers will receive $7 per hour worked.  You must be 16 or older to volunteer; parents can volunteer and earn money for their cadet.  You need to have your food-handler's license as well, volunteer fhl will suffice. 

We are using VolunteerSpot to help keep track of sign-ups.  You can use the link below to see shifts and sign up!


   It's not too late     
         to   sign up for      
       summer camp!           

-Day Camp-

WIll meet Monday thru Friday from 6:30am-12:30 pm starting July 7 and ending July 25th. The day camp consists of a series of classes that you can sign up for individually or as a total package.  If you sign up for the "Summer School" package, you earn a full semester of JROTC credit. 

Physical Fitness Boot Camp 6:30-8:00 ($75)
Basic and Advanced Military Drill Camp 9:00-10:45 ($75)
Military Martial Arts Camp 11:00-12:30 MWF ($50)
Women's Self-Defense Camp 11:00-12:30 TTh ($25
((Combine with Military Martial arts for $35))
Summer School Package - ALL of the above $125

You can pay for the camps online in our store!

In-Residence Summer Camp

This camp will train our upper classmen in leadership and our new cadets will learn about Union AFJROTC.  This camp will be held at a private campground in Tishomingo, OK August 4th-9th, 2014.  The cost is $125 and covers all meals, lodging and uniforms.  Freshmen attending this camp will earn a "Summer Leadership Camp" ribbon and are promoted two rank levels.  You must attend the phsyical fitness portion of the July Day Camps to qualify for the In-Resident Camp.

Both camps require a Union Sports Phsyical Form

Payment and phsyical forms are due the first day of camp or you can pay online.  Please send your registration in as soon as possible so we can plan food.

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ALSO:  Keep in mind we will need both male and female counselors for the in-resident camp.  If you can help with part of or all of the week, please contact us.


P.O. Box 33531
Tulsa, 74153

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